Why Should I Use A Glass Table Top?

Whether in an office, table room conference room, dining room or anywhere in a home a table forms the epicentre of every presentable room. Unlike in the past where wooden tabletops were the trend, now, people have adopted glass tabletops given the many benefits that they deliver. There are many reasons why anyone will want to acquire a glass table top. Read on to get a gist of the benefits you get to enjoy by incorporating a glass tabletop in your household or office. If you are asking why should I use a glass table top, here are a few reasons:

Ease of cleaning

Hygiene is paramount in any household. A glass table top only require a cleaning solution and a dry table cloth to leave it sparkling clean. Unlike a wooden table top a glass top is designed in a way that reduces its chances of accumulating unwanted dirt, thus keeping it clean is easy.

Low cost of maintenance

Wooden tables unlike glass top tables require waxing, painting over some period in its use. This maintenance calls for lot of care and expertise since you need to be aware of exactly what you want and the amount. Wooden material gets cracks that accumulate dirt and at times end up stinking if not well maintained. Glass table tops are smooth and very easy to handle. They cannot be affected by elements because of the tough glass, but wooden table tops may decay if exposed to humid or unfavourable conditions. They are also prone to pest destruction.


Why should I use a glass table top at home? Glass used for table tops is very tough. It can withstand much beating. Although delicate, it is strong and durable. Unlike other wooden table tops which are prone to so many things, a glass table top is long lasting and thus recommendable.

A unique touch of style

Is style one of the reasons why I should use a glass table top? While wooden tabletops form credible additions to rooms, they must be selected uniquely to deliver a fine layout .Glass table top has this touch too, they are made with a touch of style which is transmitted directly to your home. It gives your home or office a luxurious feeling.

It is however very important to know that you ought to be very careful after purchasing any glass table top. It is delicate and for it to live for long, you should take precautions when handling it.

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Great article! Very nice showroom in Miami and friendly staff. Thanks for the awesome attention and great service. We’re still thinking about the table top we are going to buy next time. Nice to see you again!

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